Tuesday, July 30, 2019

An 'Accidental' Meeting, Miraculous Healing, and Heart-Exploding Love - A Twin Flame Story

On Saturday, December 8th, 2012, I was supposed to go to an open house of a chiropractor who was opening up a new office. I had penciled it in on my calendar for that day.  I had been wanting to visit chiropractors in my area to see if any of them were interested in my teaching the natural childbirth classes I had been teaching for a while.  I thought it might be nice to see if any local doctors were interested in hosting the classes and I wanted to see if they had the space to hold the classes.  I had been putting this off for a while.  When I saw the announcement of this open house, I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to check out the office and meet the doctor.  The office was offering free food sensitivity testing using a bioresonance machine at the open house and I was very interested in getting tested. 

On the morning of December 8th, I looked at my calendar and saw that I had written in the open house.  As I contemplated going, an unusual apprehension and shyness came over me.  "Who was I to go somewhere just to get free food sensitivity testing?"  Somehow I felt like I'd be taking advantage, even though it was a free offering.  Insecurity filled me.  I suddenly felt too shy to go.  I stayed home.

Two days later, on Monday, December 10th, 2012, I was sitting in my car at a red light.  A car from behind me crashed into my car at what seemed like full speed.  The impact caused my car to crash into the car in front of me.  My head hit the headrest behind me and I screamed.  My son in the back seat shouted, "Did you die?!"  "No, I didn't die," I told him.  My car was totaled.  It was sandwiched in between the two cars.  My son was okay.  I was not.

A handsome man suddenly appeared at my window asking me if I was okay.  I said, "Yes," even though I wanted to say no and felt that I wanted him to stay and help me.  It all happened so fast and I hadn't had time to think or process how I felt.  He left as quickly as he came.  I think he was an angel.  

The cops came to assess the accident and question the man who crashed into me.  They charged him.  I knew something was wrong with me and that I needed help, but the police were not helping me or paying attention to me.  I guess to them I seemed fine.  I was not.  I was trying to get their attention to no avail.

I picked up my cell phone which had fallen onto the floor of my car along with the contents of my purse.  I did an internet search for "concussion."  This was a highly difficult task for me to do in the state I was in, but I pushed through.  It was like being very, very drunk.  I read the description and with slurred and slow speech I told one of the police officers that I thought I had a concussion.  They called an ambulance.  

When the ambulance arrived, I got in.  There were two very handsome paramedics attending to me. I was nauseous, so I held a plastic basin on my lap the whole time, feeling as if I would vomit.  They asked me questions and I responded with very slow, slurred speech and found it hard to talk.  They were very nice.  I didn't have health insurance, so I didn't want them to drive me to the hospital.  I knew I needed help, but didn't know how I would pay for the care.  A friend who was supposed to be meeting me at my destination came to the ambulance.  I decided to go with him instead of with the paramedics.  He would drive my son and me to a friend's house.  On the way, I knew something was very wrong with me.  I could not find words.  I could not speak correctly.  My brain had been very badly damaged and I knew it.  I asked my friend to drop me off at the emergency room and he brought my son to our friend's house.  Later, this friend told me that I had been using all the wrong words when speaking and I hadn't even realized it.

At the hospital, so many nice and beautiful doctors and nurses attended to me.  It all felt surreal, just like it did in the ambulance.  It felt like the two paramedics and all the nice doctors and nurses were also angels.  I felt surrounded by love and caring.

I noticed something while I was sitting on the gurney in the hallway in the ER.  They didn't have a room for me, so I was sitting out in the open space.  I noticed that I was numb from the waist up, including my head.  I could not feel my skin.  This was very concerning to me, so I told some of the doctors and nurses when they'd come over to check on me.  They all said the same thing, "It just from shock. The feeling will come back."  They told me I would be in tremendous pain the next day and they gave me prescriptions for muscle relaxers and pain killers.  Every time a doctor or nurse came by to check on me, they emphasized how much pain I would be in the next day.

My friend picked me up from the hospital, brought me to where my son was and then she drove us home.  The next day, I woke up and felt no pain.  I was shocked.  I fully expected to feel the pain they told me I would feel.    

The effects from the traumatic brain injury were such that I had lost my personality, speech, word retrieval, math ability, writing ability, and memory, although I still had long-term memory from before the accident.  I was moving in slow motion.  I was sleeping all day with extreme fatigue.  I could still speak, but my speech was slurred, slow, and I wasn't using the correct words, nor could I remember the words I needed. The extent of my memory loss was so severe that at some point after the accident, I had spent the day with a friend and told her about the accident.  The next day, I saw this same friend again and said to her, "Have I seen you since my car accident?"  At first she thought I was joking and she laughed, but when she saw my blank face with complete sincerity, she realized that I really didn't remember.  I had literally zero recollection of the day before.  I didn't remember spending the day with her. 

I was a single mom.  I was in bed most of the time, incapacitated, except to go to the kitchen and get food for my son.  How scary it must have been for this seven year-old boy to see his mother, in bed with such a bad brain injury, slurred speech and walking like a 100 year-old woman.  My goodness, that must have been so traumatic for him.  My poor little boy.

Every morning after the accident, I woke up still in no pain and it baffled me.  They told me I would have pain.  They told me the numbness would go away.  I was still numb.  On December 14th, the 4th morning after the accident, when I woke up, I felt my skin again to see if I was still numb, but this time I pressed into my body.  I pressed into my muscles and I felt nothing.  I pressed hard.  Nothing.  I hadn't realized that my muscles were also numb!  I went into a panic.  Something was very wrong with my body.  I started to worry that I had a spinal cord injury or that my brain injury was much worse than the doctors had originally thought.  

I immediately went onto the internet to search for a local chiropractor.  In my search, I had a very strong feeling that I needed someone holistic and spiritual.  I am holistic and spiritual and I didn't want to go to just anyone.  Now, this is a bit strange, since it was an emergency, but for some very strong internal reason, it had to be just the right one.  I looked on many websites of local chiropractors, reading their descriptions and saying to myself, "No, that's not the one."  And I kept searching.  I searched and searched, revisiting pages and still saying, "No, not that one."  

When I clicked on a new website, the page was slow to load.  The first thing that loaded on this website was the background color, a light green.  Inside I said, "That's the one!"  Nothing else was on the page yet, but somehow I knew.  The next thing to load was a picture of a plant.  It was loading in slow motion, just like my new way of being, in slow motion.  When I saw that plant, again I said, "That's the one!"  I loved that plant.  Then when the page fully loaded, it said the words holistic, mind, body and spirit.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  I knew THIS WAS THE ONE.  

I called and the receptionist answered.  I told her about the accident and being numb.  She said the doctor only worked until 1:00 PM that day and he was booked, but that she would talk to him and call me back.  It was 9:48 AM.  I told her that in the meantime I was going to take a shower to get ready just in case he could see me.  When I got out of the shower, there was a message on my phone saying that the doctor rearranged his schedule so he could see me at 10:15 AM.  I was a new patient and he needed a long time with me she had told me.  So, I called a taxi first to see if I would be able to arrive in time for the appointment and yes, a taxi could come right away.  I called the doctor's office and told them I would be on my way in 10 minutes.  This all happened so fast and within a matter of minutes, I was at the doctor's office on time for my appointment.  The office just happened to be only a couple miles from my house.  How quickly it all came together seemed miraculous.

I put on the ugliest clothes I owned, and the practically-disabled-me, got into the taxi with my son.  When we arrived at the office, we waited in the waiting area.  I could hear the doctor in his office with the door open.  He was talking on the phone.  A little later he greeted us and we went into his office.  He asked me questions about myself and I told him I was a healer and hypnotherapist.  He was very intrigued.  He was a healer, too.  He was not just a chiropractor but also an energy healer, like me.  He spent a very long time with me.  He is a very spiritual man with strong intuition.  He picked up something special about me and even made a phone call during my appointment with me in the room to tell a co-worker over speaker phone that I was there.  It was significant to him, because I was a special kind of soul according to him.  He was impressed with something about me.  He said I was a rare type of gifted people on the planet, who posses the gift of prophecy, clairvoyance and intuition.  Somehow he knew some things about me.  It was interesting to say the least.  

During the appointment, the doctor was given inner guidance that he needed to perform a miracle on me.  So, he did.  Along with the chiropractic work, he did some energy healing on me.  He brought me back to myself.  Soon after this appointment, my personality returned, my speech improved and I started to get better.  Whatever he did truly felt like a miracle.  I was still in bed for several weeks after that, because my brain was still healing.  The brain uses a lot of energy.  When the brain is injured, you can have extreme fatigue while it is healing and this is what I experienced.  And by the way, he did do the food sensitivity testing for me for free without my asking about it.

After the appointment, the doctor walked me up to the front desk.  As I was checking out, he was not trying to schedule more visits for me or telling me I needed to come back.  I thought this was highly unusual, since I had just been in an accident, and he had explained to me how so many parts of my body were out of alignment from it.  I knew I would need to be coming back for several weeks to get adjustments.  So, I said to him, "Don't you think I should come back?"  He jumped up from his chair behind the desk and came directly over to me, looked straight into my eyes and said, "We are connected now."  When I looked into his eyes, I said to myself, "Those are my eyes. We have the same eyes.  I am looking into my own eyes."  And with the words he had just said, "We are connected now," along with them came a telepathic communication of great depth that told me he would be sending me healing from a distance at the soul level and that our connection would continue spiritually.  I replied back to him out loud, "I understand."  He then quickly shook himself out of this trance of our eye lock and telepathic communication that really only lasted about 3 seconds, but is remembered forever and grabbed one of his business cards.  He wrote his cell phone number on it and told me to call him the next week if I needed more support.  This was a Friday.  

After the appointment, I had about 20 minutes before the taxi was going to arrive, so my son and I went to the grocery store that was next to the doctor's office.  While in the grocery store, it was as if I was looking out with new eyes. And I was.  Everything was brighter, more colorful, more vibrant and I felt that I was seeing the world for the first time.  Being in that grocery store with all those vibrant, vivid colors was an experience I'll never forgot.  I was trying not to act too strange when I was looking at everything wide-eyed and openly admiring everything as if I were a newborn child seeing the beauty and wonder of the colors and foods for the first time.  I was aware of what had occurred, since with my energy healing and hypnotherapy work with my clients, I bring in new aspects of their higher selves into their bodies.  This is what this doctor had facilitated for me.  I knew that a new aspect of my soul was now in my body, looking out of my eyes for the first time in this life.  He had helped to bring more of me here.  This newly embodied part of me integrated within myself soon after that.

When I arrived home, after the taxi dropped us off, I noticed that the doctor had come with me, not physically, but energetically he was still with me.  This man was so completely and utterly present in my energy field.  I had never experienced such a thing in my life.  So, I asked my dad, who is on the other side, "Who is this man?"  The second I asked, I saw two identical gold rings, like wedding bands, flash in my third eye.  What?  Wedding bands?  I'm going to marry him?  This was a surprise to me and I didn't quite understand what was happening, or who he truly was for me.

So, this man did not leave me and would not leave me for quite some time.  What ended up happening to me right away after meeting him was an enormous heart opening like nothing I'd ever felt in my life.  My heart exploded with love.  I felt rapture.  I felt ecstasy.  The feelings I was having were not in direct relation to anything he said, did, looked like, how he acted, or anything having to do with him, the man.  It was a soul-level activation and recognition.  The bliss and ecstasy I was experiencing was an overwhelming, full-body, heart-exploding love that I needed to relish in and spend time in all day, every day for weeks, absorbing it and processing it through me.  I laid in bed resting and sleeping all day, every day for weeks, still incapacitated, while my brain was healing.  I had tremendous fatigue.  

I was guided to a song to listen to with headphones on.  It was this song.  When I heard this song, I basked in that love.  I needed this song.  I needed it all day, every day for weeks as my brain was healing.  It was part of my healing therapy.  I felt like it was helping my brain heal.  I was transported to another plane of existence, that of Pure Divine Love, while listening to this song and being awash with this ecstatic love.  Listening to this song, I was in bliss and I was with him and my soul.  And I was with God.

I went back to see him for more appointments.  My next appointment was on December 20th, 2012.  This was the day before December 21st, 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar and the day that many thought we'd either ascend, or the world as we knew it would end.  The doctor told me about his preparations for that event and how he'd be spending his time in prayer.  That day came and went.  I kept going back to his office for more appointments over the next 9 months.  Somehow the colors of our clothing matched exactly almost every time I went to see him.  There were many supernatural, mind-blowing occurrences along the way.   

The other thing that happened along with the love and heart-opening was excruciating soul-pain from the separation from him.  He was my twin flame.  Twin flames share the same soul.  To leave part of your soul is reminiscent of the original separation from God, or so I assume.  It felt like my soul had been ripped out of me.  It felt like I was dying.  I cried from the depths of my soul, longing for the reuniting of my soul.  None of this felt logical.  It all felt otherworldly.  It wasn't that I loved this man per se; it's that I loved his soul, my soul, our soul.  It felt torturous to be separated.  I felt like I needed him.  But I didn't even really want him per se.  It was so confusing.  This went on for months.  I felt both the ecstasy and the agony. Divine Love and utter devastation coexisted within me all the time.  Eventually, we parted ways and I stopped seeing him for appointments.  Nothing ever came of our relationship; we were always just doctor-patient, although there was a little friendship in there as well.   

A couple weeks after our initial meeting, I was looking at my calendar.  I saw that open house penciled in on that Saturday before my car accident.  I had only seen the name of the healing center back then, but not the doctor's name.  When I was doing my internet search for chiropractors that morning when I was in a panic, because my body was numb and found his practice, the name of the website was just his name, not the name of the center.  It had never occurred to me that this might have been the same place.  In fact, I had completely forgotten about that open house.  Much to my astonishment, THIS WAS THE SAME PLACE.  I was supposed to have been there two days before my car accident.  I realized that my soul must have brought on the feelings of insecurity and shyness to prevent me from going that day.  Our meeting needed to be rearranged to a time in which there were not so many people around and we could have more one-on-one time.  It took someone crashing into me to bring me to his office, because ultimately, I was supposed to meet him.  There are no accidents. 

*Note: I tried over and over again to fix the font size on this post, but it would not work.  I am sorry for the small font size!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Vaccine Origins: Nazi Germany - The Agenda Continues Today

It is time to bring this topic to the forefront of the vaccination debate.  People should be making informed decisions about vaccinations.  Understanding their origins and agenda behind them is important.

Nazi scientists were recruited to the US immediately after WWII.  Those scientists created vaccines.  Rather than re-write the history, I will simply post links to articles on this topic.

The truth shall set us free.


Sunday, December 28, 2014

Can a Vegan Diet Cause Parkinson's Disease?

The other day a new client came to see me for hypnotherapy.  She has Parkinson's Disease.  She has been a vegan for over 40 years.  As a medical intuitive, I sometimes receive information about a person's medical situation.  She was not seeing me to identify the root cause of her Parkinson's, but in working with her, it came to me spontaneously.  It had something to do with her vegan diet and lacking specific nutrients.  I talked to her about it at the end of the session.  She is a vegan for animal rights reasons and is not willing to incorporate dairy into her diet, even though no animal is killed when milked.  She explained to me how cows cry when their babies are taken from them, which is what happens on dairy farms.  She told me that cows will break out of their farms to walk 100 miles to their calves who have been taken from them.  Hearing this made me want to cry.  I had chills throughout my body when she told me these sad stories of animal mistreatment.  The horrors that animals are put through by humans upsets me very much.  We have to advocate for animal rights.  That is not my calling, but I know it's many others' calling and I fully support whatever changes they can make to improve the livelihoods of animals.

So, we have a dilemma.  I believe humans need to eat animal foods to be healthy AND we need to figure out a way to treat animals with respect, love and honoring.  In the end, we cannot ignore the often dramatic and drastic ways our bodies are calling out to us to feed us differently.

So, I went on the internet to see if there was a correlation between vegan diets and Parkinson's Disease and found this:

I am not a research scientist, nor do I read through medical journals, so I am not informed on this topic. I am just sharing a little story from my life with one client, not making any conclusive statements.  It's observation.  It's food for thought.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

"High Cholesterol" Is a Myth

Cholesterol is present and necessary in every cell in your body.  It is critical for all cellular functions in the body.  The brain contains 25% of the cholesterol in your body.  Only animal foods contain cholesterol, plants do not.  Therefore, a vegan diet is detrimental to health.  While your body does make cholesterol when you do not eat enough of it, it is still extremely difficult to make enough to support your bodily functions properly.

In this article, Dr. Stephanie Seneff says, "Heart disease, I think, is a cholesterol deficiency problem...."

Here is an article which explains that trans fat is responsible for heart disease, not cholesterol:

In 2001, I was working for The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) in Washington, DC.  I was writing a report for Congress on nutritional policy.  I was writing a proposal to create legislature for the labeling of fats on food labels.  At that time, I believe, only total fat was listed on food labels.  I was advocating for the breakdown of fats so that people knew which types of fats were present in the food.  I wanted to have trans fats listed.  My boss told me that people were not smart enough to understand what trans fats were and that we were not going to use that language in our proposal.  She said we should just list saturated fat.  She even wanted me to include trans fat with the saturated fat on the labels (meaning lump them together in the same category!).  What??!!  She wanted me to dumb down the information so much so that it was not even correct.  Saturated fat is a healthy fat, which I knew at the time, but CSPI did not think so.  Their intention was to identify the unhealthy fat in foods, but they did not want to list trans fat separately, because they didn't think people would understand.  Well, we know now that trans fat has made the news and people know it's no good.  And we also know that nowadays trans fat IS listed on food labels.  I quit that job before even finishing that report to Congress, so I can't take credit for the current food label ;)  But my point is that even consumer groups are not advocating wisely for proper nutritional information and we know we CANNOT trust the media for nutritional information either.

But finally, the good news is public - cholesterol is good for you!

Here's another article about it:

Go eat some butter!

Veganism Is a Philosophy and Why I Had to Eat Butter for Two Days

The decision to be a vegan is based on philosophy, ideals, and beliefs.  It's a carefully calculated decision, not an instinct.  In the spring and summer of 2011, I experimented with my diet.  I ate a vegetarian diet for a while (maybe around 2 months) and then a vegan diet for two months.  One day, I had the most intense craving for butter.  I mean, I HAD to eat butter.  There was no stopping me.  I had to eat butter on crackers for two days in order to satisfy my intense craving.  Does that sound normal to you?  Well, it doesn't to me.  My body was screaming for animal fat.  

That's almost when my vegan experiment ended, but I pushed it a little longer.  Then one day, I was driving home and got the most intense craving for meat.  I drove right passed my home and straight to Whole Foods in total desperation to eat meat.  This was not a mental idea, this was my body feeling an overwhelming need, an instinct.  I had planned on getting a piece of steak to cook at home, but when I got into the store, I went to straight to the hot foods bar, piled chicken and meat into a container, got in my car and ate those bad boys like a starving person who had not eaten food in a month!  I could not shovel that animal protein into my mouth fast enough.  Does that sound normal to you?  Well, it doesn't to me.  That's because there is nothing normal about eating a vegan diet.  I have never had such intense cravings and a desperation to eat butter and meat like that in my life.

The body is intelligent and will find a way to get what it needs if you listen to it.

There are no healthy human vegan populations in the world and there never have been.  I know many former vegans and vegetarians who got very sick on those diets and when they changed their diets to an omnivorous diet, they healed.  You can find numerous personal stories like that on the internet and also just by talking to former vegans and vegetarians.  

Here's an article about 5 brain nutrients found only in meat, fish and eggs, not plants:

Eating is an instinct.  Eating animal foods is normal for humans and has been since we were created.  Contriving your diet based on philosophy and mental constructs to something that has not been a part of humans' dietary history can have dangerous, detrimental effects on physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

I am deeply compassionate about the reasons people choose to be vegan.  I understand that animals are mistreated in factory farming and production.  It disturbs me more than I can say.  I buy animal foods from local farms where they treat the animals well.  Of course, not all my food is bought there, but I do what I can.  Animal rights is an enormous issue about which I care very much, but I also know what being healthy entails and in my opinion that includes a diet which includes animal foods.  The animal rights issues on this planet need to be addressed, but in my opinion being vegan is not the answer. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

You Cannot Be a Christian and Be in the Military, Pro-War, or Kill

Jesus was the Prince of Peace.  He came to this planet to teach and spread peace in the hopes that humans would carry on into the future in peace. 

Here are some Biblical quotes on Peace:

1 Corinthians 14:33:  For God is not a God of disorder but of peace.

Romans 14: 17-19:  For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit,  because anyone who serves Christ in this way is pleasing to God and approved by men.  Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification.

Psalm 29:11:  The LORD gives strength to his people; the LORD blesses his people with peace.

Psalm 34:14:  Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.

Psalm 37:37:  Consider the blameless, observe the upright; there is a future for the man of peace.

Psalm 85:8:  I will listen to what God the LORD will say; he promises peace to his people, his saints-- but let them not return to folly.

Psalm 199:165:  Great peace have they who love your law, and nothing can make them stumble.

Isaiah 9:6:  For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 26:12:  LORD, you establish peace for us; all that we have accomplished you have done for us.

Isaiah 54:10:  Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed," says the LORD, who has compassion on you.

Isaiah 55:12:  You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.

John 14:27:  Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

John 16:33:  I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.

2 Thessalonians 3:16:  Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with all of you.

Romans 15:13:  May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

And a Biblical quote about killing:

Exodus 20:13:  Thou shalt not kill.

Anyone joining the military, supporting war, or killing in the name of war would be hypocritical to call themselves a Christian, because they are turning against the teachings of Christ.

There is nothing to defend....but peace. 

I bid you peace, SHALOM.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Parallel Realities

There are many yous that exist in parallel realities.  I am talking about identical-to-you-other-selves, not other incarnations in which you are a different person altogether.  For each decision that you don't make, the other yous make those decisions to live out the other possibilities for each situation.  Your soul gathers all of these experiences.  The other yous exist in parallel universes, which occupy the same space we are living in and yet we cannot see them - most of the time.  On rare occasions, we can see these parallel realities.  I have had this experience once.

I was planning on meeting my friend for lunch.  She told me that her husband was going to drive her and her son to the restaurant to meet my son and me, but that he would not be joining us.  He was going to wait for us and hang around the shops while we had lunch.  When I was driving down the street the restaurant was on looking for parking, I saw my friend and her husband parking their car.  They were pulling into a spot on the street.  I passed them and continued to look for parking.  I ended up parking at the top of a parking garage a couple of blocks away.  I texted my friend when I got out of the car and told her that I had seen her parking and that I was on my way and would be there in 5 minutes.  While I was walking down the block toward the restaurant, I saw her husband sitting in the car where he had parked it just a few minutes ago and he was on his cell phone.  My friend was no longer in the car.

We had a nice lunch and at the end we were about to walk to our cars.  My friend asked me where I had parked and I told her that I had parked in the parking garage.  She told me that she had also parked there.  She mentioned that she had been confused when I texted her that I would be there in 5 minutes because if I had seen her park her car, then I would have surely arrived at the restaurant at the same time.

And now we enter the twilight zone....

I told her that I had seen her husband parking the car on the street and that she was in the car with him.  She told me that he had been planning to come, but at the last minute, had decided to stay home, so she drove herself.  We walked to the parking garage and it turned out that we both parked on the top floor right by each other.  And by the way, as we walked down the street, the car which her husband had been sitting in was gone.

So, apparently what I saw was a parallel universe/parallel reality.  I am sure of this.  I saw the reality in which her husband did come and the one in which he did not come!  It really BLEW MY MIND!!!  I was baffled by this experience and asked a couple of my intuitive friends about it.  The answer they got was that yes, I had seen a parallel reality.

I understand that I am at the forefront of the new, expanded consciousness on the planet and that by having these experiences first, before most people and sharing them, when more people start to have these experiences, there will be people like me to help explain what is going on.

Welcome to the twilight zone everyone, or shall I call it the new Earth?  Whatever it is called, I think it's really cool!