Saturday, December 22, 2012

I Felt Like I Was Going to Die

My car accident was on Monday, December 10th, 2012.  For a few weeks leading up to this event I felt like I was going to die and cross over to the other side.  I even told a friend that I felt like I was going to die.  I told her that I didn’t want to, because I didn’t want to leave Skyler here without me.  I am all he has.  He says he does not like his dad and never wants to see him, so I would never want to leave him here without me.  That was a big fear of mine.  However, this feeling that I was going to die soon was strong. 

Souls on the other side were reaching out to me.  My father kept on coming to me.  I would ask him telepathically why he kept coming into my field and he would just be so happy and celebratory as if I were coming to join him soon. Others I have known and loved who are on the other side were coming into my awareness, too. 

I was also having spontaneous life reviews coming up in my mind from time to time.  That’s a hard thing to explain.  

On the day of the accident I had seen a client for a Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy session.  She is a soul who is here to help people cross over to the other side.  It was shown to her that that was the reason she came here and has done it many, many times with loved ones.  After the session was over and I was leaving my office I wondered if she also came into my life at that moment, because I was about to cross over and she was helping my soul with that transition in some way.  I had been so touched by her and felt so much love and honor for what she came here to do.  I felt a connection with her at that level.  My feeling of wondering if she came to me at that time was one more unusual feeling in this string of feelings that were coming to me along these lines for weeks.

Then that afternoon, the accident happened.  It immediately felt like an exit point.  Even Skyler screamed, “Did you die?!”  I wonder if he had also been feeling the possibility of my leaving soon?  We, as souls, put into place several exit points along the way in our lives.  These are predetermined times when we can leave this planet and cross over.  Our souls decide if we are going to keep on going in this lifetime or if we are going to leave at that exit point.  I know I have had a few exit points in this life already.  My soul has chosen to stay.  Now that I have stayed this time again, my life is on a new path. 

Choosing to stay at an exit point shifts the soul contract in a way because there are new alignments, new choices and new experiences from that point forward.  It is quite a shift for the soul.  These new things have already shown up in my life and my life seems to be taking a new direction.  All of it feels like an upgrade.  I brought in a new soul fragment at the time of the impact and am integrating that new piece of me.  More of me is here now.  It feels good.  I am healing from my brain injury and am working on healing my body as well.  I will be writing about that journey one day soon I am sure.  I know I will be sticking around here for a while longer, so I know I have more time to write.  That feels good.  I am excited about the new opportunities, energies and people that have come into my life since the car crash.  It all feels divinely orchestrated and I feel so incredibly blessed.  

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Car Accident

Car accident
Hit head
Skyler screams
"Did you die?!"
Poor child
Not him

Hit from behind
Full speed
I was stopped
Red light
I don't know
He was charged
My car hit hers, too
From impact
Double whammy
Total loss

He is 25
No apology
Too guilty
Police interrogate
Denies, lies
I forgive
His fault
No blame
Release him
Release me
Free from karma

Brain shake
Mild traumatic brain injury
I'm not right
Speech slow
Not normal
Eyes want to close
Hard to keep open
Hard to focus
Feel drunk
Nice paramedics
So handsome
Vital signs good

Emergency room
Brain swelling?
Brain bleeding?
CT scan
Radiation bad
Brain good
No damage
Slow speech
Slow walking
Slow movements
Stroke victims
I understand you
Cognitive good
Expression not
Not sentences
Out of it
Not normal
Skin is numb
Very scared

Body trembles
Muscles spasm

Friends angels
Help and save
Help and save
Very lucky

Muscle reeelaaaxxxeeers

No neck brace


Why did this happen?

Add this
To previous blog
Mercy, please

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Thanks to Grace

Prayer works.  I was about to face the most challenging day of my life: a full-day custody trial.  My ex-husband had filed for full custody of our son, the light of my life.  I didn't think he had a chance to win,  but you never know what the judge will decide and you have to be prepared for anything.  What I wanted most for that day was to be mentally, physically and emotionally calm.  So, I prayed for that calmness.  I did not pray for the outcome of the case to go my way, instead I prayed for the outcome that was best and highest for each soul involved.  But mostly I prayed for deep peace and calmness within myself so that I could speak well, represent myself well, maintain composure and be in my power for the entirety of the day.

About three days before the trial, the thought occurred to me to ask my father in spirit to be with me on that day.  My dad's name was Thomas.  The next day I was preparing my outfit for the trial.  I was cutting the tag off the dress that I had bought a couple of weeks before as it was hanging in my closet.  I reached for the tag and saw that the style of the dress was named "Thomas"!  My dad really was going to be with me on that day and he was letting it be known.  Skyler Thomas, my son, has a close connection with his grandfather even though they have not met in this lifetime.  It made sense that his presence would be there for me, but also for his grandson.

On the morning of the trial I woke up in a state of calm.  I did not have to try to calm myself down for the upcoming event later that morning, I already was deeply calm.  Normally, when facing a difficult confrontation or event, my breathing becomes shallow, I feel tense, my heart races, and the adrenaline starts to rush but not on this day.  My prayers had worked.  I felt divinely supported.

Upon arrival to the courthouse, I felt happy and calm.  I met my dearly beloved friends, who were my witnesses, and my wonderful lawyer.  I gave everyone a hug and standing outside the courtroom door I made jokes and engaged in jovial conversations.  I did not feel or seem like a woman about to face losing custody of her son.

My ex-husband was extremely tense and serious.  Could it be that he had not prayed?

The trial went well and I kept joint custody of my son, maintaining our five days a week together.  Hallelujah and praise be to Grace!  By the Grace of God my prayers were answered and I was totally calm, well-spoken and in my power the whole day!  It was effortless.  I felt that I was held in a bubble of peace and tranquility.  The spiritual support I received that day was palpable.

Wishing you peace in your heart.