Saturday, December 27, 2014

"High Cholesterol" Is a Myth

Cholesterol is present and necessary in every cell in your body.  It is critical for all cellular functions in the body.  The brain contains 25% of the cholesterol in your body.  Only animal foods contain cholesterol, plants do not.  Therefore, a vegan diet is detrimental to health.  While your body does make cholesterol when you do not eat enough of it, it is still extremely difficult to make enough to support your bodily functions properly.

In this article, Dr. Stephanie Seneff says, "Heart disease, I think, is a cholesterol deficiency problem...."

Here is an article which explains that trans fat is responsible for heart disease, not cholesterol:

In 2001, I was working for The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) in Washington, DC.  I was writing a report for Congress on nutritional policy.  I was writing a proposal to create legislature for the labeling of fats on food labels.  At that time, I believe, only total fat was listed on food labels.  I was advocating for the breakdown of fats so that people knew which types of fats were present in the food.  I wanted to have trans fats listed.  My boss told me that people were not smart enough to understand what trans fats were and that we were not going to use that language in our proposal.  She said we should just list saturated fat.  She even wanted me to include trans fat with the saturated fat on the labels (meaning lump them together in the same category!).  What??!!  She wanted me to dumb down the information so much so that it was not even correct.  Saturated fat is a healthy fat, which I knew at the time, but CSPI did not think so.  Their intention was to identify the unhealthy fat in foods, but they did not want to list trans fat separately, because they didn't think people would understand.  Well, we know now that trans fat has made the news and people know it's no good.  And we also know that nowadays trans fat IS listed on food labels.  I quit that job before even finishing that report to Congress, so I can't take credit for the current food label ;)  But my point is that even consumer groups are not advocating wisely for proper nutritional information and we know we CANNOT trust the media for nutritional information either.

But finally, the good news is public - cholesterol is good for you!

Here's another article about it:

Go eat some butter!

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