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In the Arms of Jesus/The Arms of Orion/Prince

The Dream
The other night (5-26-14) I had a profound dream.  I was in a drugstore talking to Prince, the singer.  He was going to have a concert that night and I was going.  After some brief chit-chat, I asked him if I could give him a hug.  He agreed, so we hugged.  This man that was hugging me was not actually Prince,  the singer.  Prince is a tiny man, but this man who was embracing me was huge and tall with broad shoulders.  I nestled my head in his shoulder and said into his ear, "Thank you for writing The Arms of Orion."  There was a strong feeling of love and comfort in this hug.

When I woke up from the dream as I was being hugged, I could feel the actual physical hug on my body energetically with the pressure of the hug - as if it were real, and it was.

Later that morning, I was driving to work and chuckled out loud remembering my dream with Prince.  My 8 year-old son, who was sitting in the back seat said, "What's so funny, Mom?"  I started telling him my dream and when I got to the part about the hug, it hit me that the man who had hugged me in my dream was actually Jesus.  When this realization came over me, I started to cry.  I remembered the love that encompassed and penetrated me in that embrace and it was overwhelming.  I could no longer speak as I was flooded with that feeling again.  Just then I saw that the license plate in front of me said "J & C". if I needed any.  I told my son I was crying because of LOVE.

A few minutes later I arrived at my office and was thinking about how Jesus is known as the Prince of Peace.  As I was thinking about this, I reached into my purse to pull out my essential oil that I carry in there, not thinking about the name of it.  I looked at the bottle and it is called "Peace".  More confirmation, just in case....but I didn't really need it, the knowing was so powerful.

The Arms of Orion
The Arms of Orion is a song (lyrics posted below) written by Sheena Easton and performed with Prince from the 1989 Batman Soundtrack.  I loved that song when it came out.  It's a love song and I feel that it is about Jesus as well as the constellation Orion, of which there is a connection.  That analogy may not resonate to others, but the beauty of a song is that the listener can interpret the lyrics in any way they want.  There can be different meanings for different people.  I believe that many songs are channeled from other sources beyond our dimension and many songwriters know this.  Sometimes the channeling of lyrics is conscious and sometimes it is an unconscious process.  In any case, I like to think of the lyrics of this song as referring to Jesus.  I had not understood this in the dream, but did realize it right away as I realized Jesus was the one hugging me.

The Angel of Orion
In this video, Bill Donahue explains the relationship between Jesus and Orion with biblical references.

Orion in the Bible
Job 38:31 - Can you bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?
Amos 5:8 - Seek him that makes the seven stars and Orion...

Prince and Sheila E. in My Dream Last Year
About a year ago I had a dream with Prince and Sheila E.  In the dream, I walked into a concert they were both playing.  I walked through the door that was right by the stage and stood in front of the stage.  I felt so lucky that I had better than front row access to this concert.  They were playing the most beautiful song.  It was so full of love.  It was not a real song that we know here on Earth - it was just created for my dream.  As I listened to this music, I fell into a space of pure, deep love.  The loving feeling of the music was overwhelming and yet soft, peaceful and just lovely!  When that song was over, Sheila E. looked at me with a sad look in her eyes and telepathically told me, "I'm sorry baby, but it's over."  I was so sad that I had only gotten to hear one song and that I had to leave.  I walked out the door and left feeling disappointed that I could not hear any more of their beautiful music.  I don't know what that dream meant.

Prince Is in My Soul Group
After my dream from the other night, I had a reading with a woman who channels an Angelic collective and asked the angels about my soul connection to Prince.  Here is a transcription of that portion of the reading:
Me:  How is Prince connected to my soul?
Angels:  He is connected to your soul in a very creative way, Beloved.  You have worked with this soul in other expressions, other dimensions, as you might call it, in the creation of structures, what you might call poetry of form, poetry of light, poetry of sound.  So, for him to come and be a musician, to be a Creator Being as you are a Creator Being, it is in that you in more etheric expressions join together in doing things and so in your prayers he came as well and yet to show you that you are loved by your soul group, for which he was a representative, and by Jesus, which is, you could say, the Solar Logos, you could say, the Prince and the King of this constellation, this solar system and beyond, of which you are a part - the great blessing of the remembrance of love.  So, many connections for you in this dream, Beloved, that felt so profound.  Many remembrances.  You are not alone, Beloved.  They want you to know you are never alone.
Me:  Is Prince in my soul group?
Angels:  Yes.

My Orion Healing Partner
I have my own healing modality called Emergence Energetics.  I had asked the Angels who it is that comes into my sessions as helpers.  It is obvious that I am not doing these healings alone.  They told me that I have a partner from Orion, who has been my healing partner during my lives on Orion and that he is my main healing partner that comes into every session I do.  They did tell me that there was also a connection with him and this latest dream with Prince and Jesus.  They told me that when I leave this life, I would be shown, in a very beautiful way, all of these connections from my dream.  How sweet!

Weeping with Love from Jesus
Throughout the process of starting to write this blog post, talking to the Angels about my dream and remembering it over the past few days, I have wept so many tears as that feeling of the LOVE from Jesus in that hug overcame me and filled me - over and over again.  I AM BLESSED.

Lyrics - Arms of Orion
Orion's arms are wide enough
To hold us both together
Although we're worlds apart
I'd cross the stars for you
"In the heart of a sleepless moon"
"I'll be with you forever"
"This is my destiny"
"'Till my life is through"
The arms of Orion that's where I want to be
Since you've been gone
I've been searching for a lover
In the Sea of Tranquility
I'm drowning without you here, my dear
When I am lost and feeling alone
I just look to heaven
I find my comfort there
God only knows where you are tonight
"God only knows where you are tonight"
"Maybe time will tell me"
"'Till then I'll close my eyes and say a prayer for you"
(I'll say a prayer for you too)
Orion's heart is bright enough
To shine on both of us
The constellations never fail
To light the way for love
'Orion's arms are wide enough'
To hold us both together
"Although we're worlds apart"
('I'd cross the stars for you')
"I'd cross the stars for you"
The arms of Orion that's where I want to be
"Since you've been gone I've been drowning" ('lost')
"In the sea of tranquility" ('lonely')
"Drowning without you here my dear" ('baby')
The arms of Orion'
That's where I want to be
That's where I want to be ("the arms of Orion")
That's where I want to be ("the arms of Orion")
Since you've been gone, babe'
"Since you've been gone"
"I've been drowning", ('drowning') "drowning"
Drowning without your love 
"The arms of Orion" ('arms of Orion')

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