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Channeled Messages From the Arcturian Planet Cheuel

I channeled these messages a few years ago.  I'm posting them now in case there are some Starseeds who are ready to wake up and happen to read this.

Channeling of Lady Cheuel

On January 2, 2010, in the early morning while I was still half asleep, I heard a voice in my head saying, “Get a pen, get a pen, get a pen,” over and over again.  I knew I was being asked to channel for the first time in my life.  I told the voice telepathically to please wait until I was awake as I was not ready to wake up yet.  Ha!   A few minutes later, I got a pad of paper and a pen and began writing this channeled message. 

First, I will explain that the night before I had finished reading the book, Songs of the Arcturians, by Patricia Pereira.  There is a glossary in the back of the book and there are two definitions I will provide here for clarity:

CHEUEL:  An Arcturian sister planet to Earth destroyed by her citizens because of improper nuclear energy use about five million years ago (in Earth historical time).  Abundantly forested and populated with many animals and plants, it was recently restored by the Intergalactic Brotherhood to pristine form.  It awaits Arcturian starseeds as a rest and recuperation planet after their mission on Earth is completed.

CHEUEL STARSEEDS:  Arcturian starseeds associated with the explosion of Cheuel and the karmic implications of same.  Many were implanted upon Earth as long as five million years ago.  Their heart-mind (or Soul) memories retain the vision of Cheuel’s destruction.  They are programmed to awaken in the latter years of the twentieth century to assist in the evolution of humanity at a critical, parallel time in Earth’s evolution.

Channeled messages:

Bring Forth Your Light
January, 2, 2010

It is I, Master Cheuel, planet destroyed, who wishes to speak through you now.  It is that I may be of service to the slumbering Ones, those who previously resided on the planet of Cheuel with whom I wish to address in this transmission.  Those, who will awaken upon reading these words, it is you my Loved Ones to whom I speak now.  It was more than five million years ago that I was destroyed.  It was a sad point in the history of time.  You, who were scattered among the ethers chose to reside on Earth.  It is the time of your awakening, My Dear Souls.  It is Love I emit to you to brighten your souls.  My message to you this day is that you be clear about who it is that you are.  You are the awakening ones on the planet Earth and yet you are so much more.  You have come to resurrect the Divine Plan on Earth.  You and your Brethren shall succeed in this mission for it is the light that shall prevail.  It is good for you to hear these words and to heed these words as well.  Do not doubt the power of your group mind.  Yes, I say group mind, because when you are connected as One, you sound a group note out into the Universe that is a Love Tone.  That tone makes up a harmonic upon which your light glides.  It reaches far into the ethers from where I speak.  It is you who have returned to resurrect God’s Love Tones into the Earth.  It is all about Love, you see, as it always has been.  This you must remember Dear Ones.  The Light of the Most Radiant One shines down upon you.  Your eyes are adjusting to the Light and when they do, you will stand tall in this Light.  And it is you who will bring forth this Light, that is You.

It is a day of reckoning My Dear Ones.  A day full of grace indeed.  It is unto you I sing the songs of the harmonies of the Universe.  May you hear these tones of Light.  May they wash upon your ears like waves upon the shore, Love’s twinkling hue.  These tones are over-laid with tones.  They build upon your Light-force as you then emit these tones.  These are light-encoded activations that you send forth and this activates your Brethren.  You are Light shining onto the world and I love you.

You, who read my words, You are My Beloveds, scattered among the ethers, nowhere to call Home.  Embodied as Humans now ready to make your call.  Beloved are my Masters who chose to walk the Earth.

It is you I call upon now, resting in your slumber.  May your minds awaken to my call, with overtones of Love.  It is time to remember who you are, awakening ones.  To hear the call of my Love is to hear the call of Home.  I rest not in the hurried lives you live, but in the Peace of my making.  You, too, shall learn to make this Peace as you learn to glide upon the waves of Love and Light I emit to you.  Slumber not, my Dear Children, for it is the time of the Quickening – your time to awaken to the truth of who you are.  You are so much more than what you see with your eyes.  You are Brilliant Lights which dance in the Universe, among the stars, among your homes in the sky.   

Through Love’s embrace I hold you, my Dear Ones.  You are awakening as you read these words.  Feel my presence descend unto you like soft waves in undulating form.  I tone Love’s note within you as you recall your harmonic hum, your harmonic Home. 

Be aware that great changes are among the Earth Plane.
May these words fall upon open ears, for I wish to tell a story.  The story started five million years ago when great sands stirred upon Cheuel.  It was the force of the Dark Lords that cast upon us.  They maketh Cheuel their home.  They gave us no choice and we were under their command.  Many a soul have we lost to them, though they will return.  A sorrowful loss was our fate, though it was a lesson to make.  Shall it not happen again upon any other land.  I, Lord of Cheuel, will see to it now, for I have borne my greatest loss.  It is Love’s note I tone to you now.  For you are not to bear the burden of a land once lost.  Yours to gain is a place in the stars on your home of today, that of Mother Earth.  Triumph is yours to taste in your mouth and tears of joy shall you sing.  May my heart notes lay within you and sing the song of Love’s triumph.

It is the story of lives lost but also of hearts gained, for it is through the loss of the heart that one finds it again.  Lest it not be too late.  I chime Love’s note upon you again.

The day has come to hear this call.  There was a time when people walked in peace.  They felt joy in their hearts and they knew who they were.  That time has come for you, for you are to know peace and joy in your heart.  This time has been predicted by the Ancients and it is yours to realize in time.  For there is no time but what you have now.  You may speed up this process by being in the NOW.  I sound Love’s note to you now.

It was many years ago that I (Lady Cheuel) walked upon the Earthen Plane.  I was known as She – a…. Shekina is the Divine Feminine and I embodied her as Shena.  I romanced the Earth with Love’s embrace.  She and I danced our way to your galaxy.  We are sisters.

I bring forth the Light from the Star System, Arcturus.  Allow the Love notes to dance upon the keys of your existence.  I strike a chord in the chambers of your heart.  This message comes to you in Love.  We are here to assist Humanity in the evolution of its Soul.  We love the Earth and Humanity alike.  We have been where you are now.  It is our mission to help you succeed in this grand plan.  It is your destiny to rise among the stars.

February 1, 2010

It is I, Master Cheuel, who speaks to you now.  May you hear my words in undulating form as they strike the love chords in your heart.  I tone my love note unto you now.  Hear my call for it is the truth.  It is upon these ears that I tell my story, the story of rebirth.  I was once a planet of lushness and life.  The end came when through a careless act, I was destroyed.  May this not happen to you, Beloved Terra.  Terra the Beloved, you dance in grand form to your home among the stars.  We await your arrival.

There is a Grand Plan about which I speak now.  It is a Divine Plan made by the Masters of all Universes.  You shall succeed in making this plan a success.  The Ascension of the Earth to a higher vibratory rate is what this plan is about.  For you are not the only ones ascending, for we are all a part of this Master’s Plan.  Why do you think we care so much about you?  It is because we are all connected.  More than you can imagine.

April 26, 2011

It is I, Lady Cheuel.  I come to communicate with you now.  It is in this perceived hour of darkness that I rest so peacefully in thee.  Earth Rising, Earth Risen, Earth be taken to its highest point in history, in her-story.

You are feeling the vibrations of her rising, of her becoming.  Allow the gale force winds to rest peacefully in your hearts.  You are on the precipice of change in all you know and have ever known.  Listen to your soul’s calling – it calls you forth.  Give me a chance to utter into the membrane of the plants for they are listening, too.  All of Earth’s creatures are heeding this call to remember, to remember from where all things came to be.  Listen to Earth’s utterances, the utterances of the Soul calling you Home.  Back to the One, The Glorious One.
May 10, 2011

Lady Cheuel speaks with you now.  Upon closing of our last session, I was speaking to you about the utterances of the Earth’s creatures.  They wish to send messages to those of you who are listening.  Open your ears, Dear Ones.  Listen to the birds talk to you.  Listen to the wildflowers, who in their full bloom, show you the bounty of God’s Love.  Feel the Earth’s essences fill your brain and your being.  For it is with these essences of the Earth that you will flourish.  Listen to the water.  There are many messages in the water.  Listen to the Earth’s tides as they ebb and flow.  There are many messages in the water that you do not understand yet, but she will teach you.  I refer to the water as “she,” because she is literally the Body of the Earth.  Yes, she is made up of many land masses, but her soul is in the water.  Just as your soul is in the water – in the mist of your essence – the sacred part of you is held within the water molecule.  It is in the transformation of this mist that is your greatest power, the power that rests within each soul – the power to transform.  You are the most powerful Beings on the Earth and yet, you do not let yourselves believe this.  This is due to mind manipulation, but that time is coming to an end.  It is the power of your mind that will enable you to transcend this time of manipulation, this time of control.  You are to know freedom.  Freedom is your birthright.  We have waited eons to watch you do what you are embarking upon – the total transformation of your beingness.  We watch and we wait, we the gleeful ones, who are your brethren stars and planets.

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