Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Jesus Stories: Part 1

I used to be agnostic and vocal about my not believing in Jesus.  I would tell people that all those stories about Jesus and everything that was written in the bible were just that: stories.  None of it was true, I would say.

In 2005 or 2006, I was talking to a medical intuitive on the phone.  This man is an amazing medical intuitive with incredible accuracy.  I knew this to be true as he would tell me about my medical situations with complete accuracy.  During this one phone call, he told me that Mother Mary was watching over me.  I was surprised.  I did not believe in her either.  BUT, because everything this man told me was true, I had to question my beliefs.  If Mother Mary was real, then Jesus was real, too.  So, this is how I started to consider that there really was a Jesus and Mary.  I was not completely convinced, but my mind was now open to the possibility.

My spiritual journey unfolded rapidly in those days with new awarenesses flowing in on a regular basis.

Fast forward to 2007.  During a dream, which was not really a dream, but a real spiritual experience I had one night, I was at my spiritual teacher's home.  I was lying on a massage table with my friends around me and we were doing spiritual healing work together.  Suddenly, my body arched up and mostly off the table because a huge Being of Light entered my body.  I was now out of my body while this Light Being was in my body, but I still had body consciousness, so I could feel the essence of who it was and still feel my body completely, even though I was also aware of my consciousness being outside of my body during that time.  Then after a little while, my body fell back down onto the table when this Light Being left my body and I re-entered my body completely.  I looked over at my spiritual teacher and said, "That was a Grand Master."  She knowingly nodded her head.  I said, "That was Jesus."  She nodded her head and smiled.  She knew.

A few weeks later, I was on the phone with this same spiritual teacher.  I asked her what that experience was about.  She told me that the Masters sometimes pulse their vibrations into our bodies so that we can attune ourselves to that vibration.  Wow.  I was very grateful to Jesus for coming (in)to me in that way.  For sure my doubts about him being real were completely gone.  I suppose first-hand experience is what I needed to believe.  And, I do believe.  In fact, I don't just believe in Jesus, I love him.

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