Monday, October 21, 2013

The Light Conception of My Son

I am writing about a topic I have never read about anywhere, except for in the book, Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, by Claire Heartsong.  In it, Anna describes the light conception of Jesus.  Light conception is also known as immaculate conception.  Now, you get the picture.

It was the spring of 2004.  I had been married for almost one year.  I didn't think too much about having a baby leading up to this time.  I wanted to have children, but figured it would happen eventually.  I really didn't give it much thought.  Then suddenly, the strongest feeling of I have to have a baby right now! came over me.  The feeling was intense.  I told my then husband, now ex.  At the time he was 28 years old and I was 32.  He said he was young and not ready.  I understood his feeling, but the feeling I had was like an unstoppable tsunami and there was nothing I could do about it.  I told him I was going to have a baby.  I just had to.  I was on the pill at the time.  I stopped taking it and attempted to conceive at ovulation for two months.  Nothing happened.  

In the meantime, I had a session with a highly skilled medical intuitive doctor.  He told me not to get pregnant.  I was on a thyroid hormone to correct an imbalance and he said that my thyroid was not strong enough to carry a baby to term.  He mentioned some other health issues in my uterus that I had no idea about and said that I would most certainly have a miscarriage, so I should not get pregnant right now.  This all scared me and I decided to prevent myself from getting pregnant now for sure.  The doctor had methods of healing which included herbal tea, essential oils and energy healing sessions.  He would work with me to resolve my issues so that I could have a baby one day.

So on the third month (after stopping the pill), I knew not to get pregnant.  That was easy I thought.  I knew when I ovulated and had been sick with an upper respiratory virus that whole week and didn't feel well.  There was no "bedroom action" due to my illness and ovulation.  

The 4th month rolled around.  I didn't get my period.  I was shocked when I took a pregnancy test and found out that I was pregnant.  But it was IMPOSSIBLE, I thought.  I called the medical intuitive doctor in a panic.  He did a scan of my body, but told me it was too early to know anything about the health of my body or the baby.  I had to wait.  He told me to follow up with him in a few weeks.

When I had a follow up session with the doctor, he told me that my baby had brought in special spiritual help and I had been completely healed.  He told me I could stop taking my thyroid medication.  Normally, when on thyroid medication, a woman must increase her dosage while pregnant.  In my case, I went completely off of my medication due to this miraculous healing brought on by my son in my womb!  I never went back on that medication as my healing was complete.  Whatever was wrong with my uterus had also been completely healed according to this doctor.  Phew.  I knew it was ok now to be pregnant.

My entire pregnancy was amazing.  I never felt ill from the pregnancy for one moment and I was ecstatic the entire time.  I felt wonderfully alive.  I was so happy my son was coming and I already loved him so much.  I was in total bliss the whole time.  Looking back I can see that it must have been his good energy which contributed to my feeling so great.  What a glorious time being pregnant with him was!

I always wondered how in the world I got pregnant.  It didn't make any sense.  Then one day, a few years after my son was born, I was at a workshop with a couple who does spiritual teaching and intuitive readings.  They were talking about light conception (immaculate conception) from some ancient times in Egypt.  I had not heard of this before, but it dawned on me then that perhaps this was what had happened with me.  I shyly raised my hand and told them my feeling about my son possibly being light conceived.  The man responded to me and said that he felt that it was true.  More recently I have received another confirmation by a highly accurate intuitive that yes, my son was light conceived and that many babies with the newer and higher frequencies are coming in this way.  I guess we can throw what we thought to be true about conception out the window!  

Am I saying that my husband at the time was not necessary?  No, I am not.  It is very obvious that my son has 50% of his father's genes.  Do I understand how this works?  No, not at all.  But I cannot deny my experience and my inner knowing.  Since I hear that I am not the only one, I want to hear more stories.  Where are the other light conceived babies?  I am sure most people are not aware if their children are born this way, which is fine.  Ultimately, it does not matter, but I think it's an interesting topic.

I know that it was my son's soul calling to me, telling me he was coming when I felt that overwhelming, unstoppable urge to have a baby.  I know that he was coming no matter what.  I know that I was being prepared for his arrival.  I know that I received special divine healing when he came into my womb.  

After our son was born, his father said that he could not remember his life before Skyler.  He said that his life did not begin until his son was born.  So, in the end, even though he said he was not ready to have a baby, he was filled with joy by having this beautiful, bright light enter our world.


  1. Very cool!!!! I love this topic!!!

  2. Do you have any other resources on this subject? I am quite intrigued.

    1. Marguerite Rigoglioso has written extensively about Divine Birth priestesshoods in "THe Mystery Tradition of Miraculous Conception" and 2 other academic books! Check her out!

  3. No, I am sorry, I don't have any other resources. I have never looked into it. I hope that by openly writing about it, others, who suspect it has happened to them, can then share their experiences.

  4. I never felt that I belonged in my family and during a regression I was told that I was Light Conceived and so are both my children.
    It makes sense to me about my children when I think back. They are both old souls